Sunday, December 22, 2013

Collecting Philip Pullman's Tweets on Jeffrey the House Fly using Storify

Phillip Pullman was tweeting about a fly in his house. It reminded me of when I was blogging about a spider web I was seeing in the ladies room at work, only I look back at those blog entries as possibly a sick manifestation of the creative desperation of my life at that time, whereas Pullman's tweets about Jeffrey the housefly and all that follows are charming, intriguing, and delightfully written. I set up an account on Storify to collect the Jeffrey Tweets, because it's more pleasant to read the story in chronological order. When you read Tweets directly from Twitter, they are all reverse chronological because it's more natural to read from the top down.

I'm hoping my daughter or husband might draw some pictures to illustrate it.

I had some difficulty with the Storify User Interface, and ended up having to re-insert half the Tweets after they were lost. I finally finished a 2nd time late tonight. I had thought I'd finished it around noon today and had to make pancakes in penance for ignoring children while I was trying to put it together..

And the link is still not working. Not a good GUI for Storify.

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