Friday, August 14, 2015

Packington's Pound

Me:  That's Packington's Pound. I could play that on the lute when I practiced. I haven't practiced in months.

E: The operative word there is 'lute'. It makes you a nerd.

Me: [open-mouthed pause.]
I can quote Star Trek.
I go to science fiction conventions.
I'm a computer programmer,
but playing the lute makes me a nerd?

E: [serene nod.] That's the gold standard for nerds.

Me: Well. At least it's a gold standard.

Saturday, August 08, 2015

I washed the car...

I washed the car because I bought it in February and it's still the new car,

And it's white.

No, actually moonglow, which is white with little sparkly green things in it, which are hard to see, especially if you don't wash it.

And I have a new Bernie Sanders bumper sticker I wanted to put on the car, but I wanted to wash it first, because you don't want to trap dirt under the sticker.

And I washed it, and it was fun, mostly-- being outside on a beautiful summer day getting drenched by the hose, and feeling grateful to live in a place with our own well, no water bill, no drought.

Except I noticed my back was starting to hurt more. I hurt my back in early July, and I suppose I really shouldn't be doing Anything.

But I did something. I washed the car.

And now I'm in bed with a bottle of ice and have swallowed 2 naproxens

And it hurts.

The car is clean and shiny. The little moonglow particles are green and shiny. I see them sparkle in my mind's eye.