Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Commercials we stop channel-surfing to watch

Currently, it's the American Express commercial with the frowns and then the smiles.  If commercials are engaging, sponsors don't have to worry about Tivo.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Four strings, eight dollars.

I bought a "First Act Discovery" ukulele for Hanukah on Sunday.  We gave it to Rafi, but she agreed to share it.  Sunday night, I looked on the web for how to play it.  Found a great on-line ukulele tuner. I wish I could find a similar page for lute.  There was also, which has learn to play in 3 minutes (1 chord) or 4 minutes (another chord), and free sheet music with tablature.  Printed out jingle bells, home on the range, and auld lang syn.  Now we're all set.  Let's see who actually ends up playing it.  If any of us.  Lots of fun, the bit I did.  It did come out of tune after one attempt at Jingle Bells.  Is that normal?