Tuesday, April 02, 2013

I heard a new song today, by someone I never heard of before

"Two fingers" by Jake Bugg. Here's the YouTube link to the video.

Thank you radio station 92.5, the River. You played the song on my drive to work and then again on my drive home. In the morning you told me his last name used to be Kennedy. At night, you told me that 2 fingers in Britain is a gesture that is rude or one of defiance. Thank you for the educational liner notes.

(And, by the way, River, you don't have to bracket every new song you introduce with two very old ones. It's true, I do call you "the station for people who listened to WFNX in the 1980's", but that was when WFNX was "Your new music source", and we still like new music. But that's OK, I like your selection of old music. Could you play Supertramp? How about Sting's Lute music?)

Anyway, Jake Bugg is so young, I think we can look forward to lots of good music from him in the future.

What a pleasure for a Tuesday.