Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the bunny wants to jaunte

She'll be quiet and still in one corner of the kitchen.  I'll turn around and she's someplace else.  I know she can jump onto the Rubbermaid storage box I had once thought would block her escape to the rest of the house.  I haven't seen her jump up.  I walk away, hear a thud, and there she is on top of the box with a helpless bunny "How did I get here?  This place is interesting.  I don't think I could ever get off" look to her. But, once, when I reached to pick her up, she jumped off the box, back onto the kitchen floor, without effort or harm.

I can't get over the impression that we have a small alien prisoner. She wants to teleport. She wants the power to turn invisible. Someone should write a story about hyperintelligent bunnies who can do these things. For now, she is dissatisfied with life. But where else should she go?  To hide in the backyard until a hawk or fisher cat eats her? We will build a pen for her, an outside pen. We will. That may cheer her up.

She is so not a dog. At most she is like a cat in that she is aloof. She tolerates being picked up and patted. She will sometimes walk up to me and sniff at my sneaker. She is very curious. Sometimes. She is also content to lay about resting for long stretches of time.

She is cute and soft. I feel affection for her. This weekend, I was alone in the house with her, and noted that she did have the calming, cheering influence of a pet. The girls are thrilled with her. When they Skyped me, they asked me to get the bunny so they could see her. She huddled in a corner, not wanting to socialize, but I scooped her up anyway. Her life's purpose is to be cute for my children. You're on, Chestnut. Time for your closeup.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Meet Chestnut?

Someone bought all four of those fluffy white bunnies, but the bunny lady has another, younger bunny. Zoe and I like that this one has brown eyes, not pink. She's only 7 weeks old. The fluffy white ones were 12 weeks old.  Somehow, we've already named her Chestnut, even though we're not sure if someone else will grab her first.  We think she's awful cute.

RoRo says she looks like a tribble with feet.

Friday, June 11, 2010

bunny on the brain

I saw these bunnies on craigslist and I want one.
I resisted the dog for good practical reasons.  We might cave on the bunny.  Its fluff-to-trouble ratio is looking highly favorable.  Lower vet bills, less drama.   Kipling never wrote about giving your heart to a bunny to tear.