Friday, November 10, 2006

hero wins peace prize

(Here I am catching up on blog postings. Note I've given up on nprlistener blog to put politics into unjam)

Quite some time ago I heard public laments that people, especially the young, have no true heros any more. Since then, I've tried to keep a mental list of those I can call heros. A few months ago, I heard a Marketplace profile on Muhammad Yunus, who invented micro-credit. I forgot his name, but kept him on my heroes list as "the guy who invented microlending". Then last month I awoke to the pleasant news that one of my heroes had won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Who goes on your heroes list?

Ed Bradley

I always thought CBS made a mistake in choosing Dan Rather instead of Ed Bradley to replace Walter Cronkite. Pundits talk about people wanting to hear a news anchor as the "Voice of G-d", but what I always appreciated was warmth and sympathy projected by people like Bradley and Cronkite. When there's bad news, it helps to have the told to you by someone who seems like a caring relative.