Sunday, December 22, 2013

StorifyHelp replies, I click "Publish" again, and it works

So I returned to my Storify account, found the story at the bottom of the Profile window (Zoe had to show me yesterday that it was down there.) and didn't see a "Publish" button. But I found an Edit button and reasoned that I could Edit and then try Publish again. That worked, though before clicking "Publish" I checked, just in case there were more Jeffrey tweets. I was glad I checked, because there were two more, which leaves the story with two more interesting tweets than had ended it last night.
I had added " - 1" after the title, just in case Storify does not permit additions after "Publish", but now it looks like it wasn't needed.
I spent time yesterday trying to find the answer to whether I could edit after Publish. This resulted in Storify tweeting that question to my regular Twitter stream. I had thought I was was just adding the question to the comments section of their support blog, which was the only way I had found to ask a question. I deleted the tweet when I saw it in my regular stream because it looked stupid out of context: "Can I edit a story after I Publish it?"
So, bad automated interface, but how nice that they have Storifyhelp humans working on the weekend to answer questions.

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