Friday, March 29, 2013

We churn butter for passover

Last year, the Stop & Shop brand butter was marked Kosher For Passover. This year, we checked four grocery stores and couldn't find kosher for passover butter. We did find kosher for passover heavy whipping cream, however. So you're guessing what comes next:

First, I tried the shake-cream-in-a-jar method that was vaguely remembered from elementary school.

That resulted in barely whipped cream before I decided I had better things to do.

Fortunately, we had koshered the Kitchen Aid Mixer. We started with whipped cream, took out two spoonfuls to top two mugs of cocoa, and then kept going.

It whipped and whipped for a very long time.

It was good I looked it up on the Web, for told me to turn the speed of the mixer down.

I sprinkled in some salt (too much, it turned out) kept working on my computer, and left the mixer going, and going, and going.

At some point the mixing became a slosh. I looked inside, and, indeed, as promised, the very-whipped-cream had become clumps of butter inside buttermilk.

Too bad about it being too salty. It is still edible.

The question is whether to whip more of the whipping cream to dilute the saltiness. It probably took a lot of electricity to make that one batch.We'll have a few slices of matzoh-and-butter before we decide whether to bother.

Anyway, was this educational for the kids? I suppose.

It showed them one of the bizarre consequences of playing the Passover game.

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