Friday, March 29, 2013

buttermilk matzoh brei

Postscript to previous post: Buttermilk does give fried matzoh quite a unique flavor.

If recipe needed:

Crumble up 5-6 sheets of matzoh, add buttermilk and milk until enough to soak through. Give it time to soak through. Then add 2-3 eggs, stir it all up and fry on both sides in fresh-churned butter (with a bit of olive oil if the butter is too salty).

For cooking the matzoh brei, I use a nice heavyweight Berndes teflon pan from the Passover Brigadoon of dishes, that I appreciate yearly.

OK, after you melt the butter with oil, you put the batter (well, half of above at a time will fit in my Berndes pan) into the pan and hope that it sizzles. Then lower the heat to medium to let the pancake cook through. After it is almost dry on top, you can flip it over to cook the other side.

In our family we serve it with cinnamon sugar on the side.

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