Thursday, May 21, 2015

Spam from Vietnam

Here's another spam, more creative, ostensibly from Vietnam:

From: Ha Bao Linh []
Sent: Tuesday, May 05, 2015 4:26 PM
Subject: [SPAM]Hello!


My name is Ha Bao Linh,the daughter of Mr Ha Van Tham from Vietnam,I want to know if you can invest for my family in your father who was former chairman of Ocean Bank Vietnam was suspended and arrested by the authority of Vietnam for violating banking regulations as they said but the truth was that my father declare intention to contest for post in State Bank of Vietnam and his political enemies ganged up agains him.

The authorities are frozing my father assets and bank accounts and my father instructed that i urgently find somebody from abroad to help us invest the money he kept in another country because the authorites have arrested him and my family can not travel out of Vietnam as our passport was taken by authority.

I know its not easy to ask you to keep my family asset for us but i believe we can build good understanding and trust,please give me your Skype address or phone number so we can communicate to discuss very good.I am making this discussion with you secret because we want to safely remove the fund without the Vietnam authorities know about my father fund in abroad and i want you to keep it secret too please.

I wait to hear back from you.

I do not want these to become the theme of the blog, but they're so charmingly creative.

BTW, I've heard terrible things about adverbs. What are your opinions about using them? I suppose that needs its own blog post.

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