Sunday, April 15, 2012

please follow my blog, please?

At tonight's inaugural meeting of W.orD. (Write or Die, Jim Isaac's name for us), Susan explained that it was useful to have a blog that people follow, and that to maintain followers, we would have to update it at least every other day.  The blog could be on anything and still help us sell fiction.

This blog isn't about anything because it is about anything.  To un-jam my thoughts.  It's mine.

Would you follow it?  Who are you, anyway?  Does anyone see this?

Should I share it on Google+?

No, I've resisted that before, because I like it being "pull" not "push".  Once you cross-post to Facebook/Twitter/Google+, then it's push.  The link to this blog is on my Facebook page and Twitter profile.  If anyone's interested, they've been notified where to look.

Do people still use the terms pull/push to describe methods of accessing content?

We are so primitive now, passing out advice on current wisdom on navigating our presence in the Web.  We don't understand it yet.  We're getting vague ideas that are rightly scaring us.

I read once that people in the future will regard as quaint our belief in the separation between "real" and "virtual".

We are starting to teach our kids how to take care in creating their Web presence, how it will stay with them always.  The World Wide Small Town, with no anonymous Big City to escape to.

Meandering topic of a blog post.  If I post more often, I'd meander way more.  And stay up too late.

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