Saturday, April 21, 2012

laptop logos should rotate

Because when the computer is closed, I naturally position it with the logo right side up.  But then I can't open it. I have to turn it around.  The PC makers want everyone else to see the logo right side up when the computer is open.  I understand that.  But a clever PC maker, who cared about usability, would have the logo right side up when closed, then rotate once opened.  A little gravity detector.  Like the way a phone screen rotates.  Yeah, sure, it could add to the cost.  But a really clever manufacturer would come up with a very cheap way to do this.

Of course, an entire generation of people have probably gotten used to making sure the logo is upside down. They might be confused by this.

A really clever NEW computer company would design a logo that had vertical symmetry.  Just for this reason.

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