Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Bunny Beach, by Rafaela Zeballos (Age 6)

One day my bunny got too many walks. She was super stressed out. I wished that there was a bunny beach. There weren't any where I lived. And, also, there were too many dog beaches. There were dog beaches that could hold more dogs than there were in town. And some dog beaches didn't have any dogs, because there were too many dog beaches.

So, I decided to make a bunny beach. We took an airplane to Washington D.C. and we talked to the President! And we said, "There needs to be more bunny beaches. There are too many dog beaches."

So, the President said, "OK. I will pass a law that a quarter of the dog beaches will become bunny beaches. And there shall be no dogs allowed on those bunny beaches. So the bunnies can be safe."

So, the President called up his architects and the architects took down the sign for the dog beaches and said they were bunny beaches! And, also, they made a sign that said:

No Dogs Allowed.

So, I brought my bunny over to the bunny beach. And there were a lot more bunnies! We had a lot of fun. I played in the waves and made sand castles while my mommy watched the bunny and played with her and shared spinach snacks with her.

The End

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