Thursday, September 23, 2010

Click to lie

Adobe keeps wanting me to update my version of Flash. When I click to do it, it displays a long, hard-to-read agreement and wants me to click the box that says I read and understood it. Somehow, that's the box I'm not ready to click, even though I ignore these sorts of things all the time and just click through to get other software I want. What are the legal implications of this World Wide Dishonesty? Does anyone but Richard Stallman care?

1 comment:

  1. Recuerdo que hasta el año 1997, cuándo usaba email Eudora, todavía leía los contratos. Después, en tiempos de oro del los programas p2p , me congratulaba de marcar "acepto" tan rápido que apenas me interrumpía. Ahora, en el tiempo los plugin, ... ya no se que hacer... osea sí: "Acepto"

    Saludos desde Santaigo, Jorge Z.