Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rafi on the Boskone Badge

The Artist guest of honor at Boskone was John Picacio.  They used one of his cover illustrations for the Badge.  We noticed that the child in the image looked a lot like Rafi.  I tried to snap a photo of Rafi before leaving for the con Sunday morning but ran out of time and didn't manage to get the angle just right.


  1. Great to meet you! I posted that pic of you with the badge and Rafi's phone pic, but the phone pic didn't come out too great (was using an iPhone camera). Thanks for posting the link on my Flickr set. You're right -- she does remind me of FF1. Great photo of her. :)


  2. It was a great pleasure meeting you! If I ever get a novel published, I hope you do the cover. :^)