Sunday, February 21, 2010

Notes on Boskone panel: The Heroine's Journey

The Hero's journey is physical with internal parallel.
Archtypical Joseph Campbell, orphaned baby, foster parents, journey to end in becoming Wise Old King.
Real people make things for work and find a partner and have kids.
Getting Back what you lost.
Isis: Putting pieces of a man together so you can have a baby.
Greer: Girls in labyrinths.  Eilonwy and her bauble.
LeGuin's Tahana irritated other writers to write better.  Wizard of Earthsea vs Tombs of Ituan.
Theme of Escaping constricting female role.
Bujold: Women inherit from mother-in-law.  Go out and stay out.
Ista was stuck back at home.  At 40 she tries again.
Bujold was given credit for writing about a middle aged woman.  Someone in the audience remembered a crack about a 50-year-old heroine entering a dragon's lair:  Is it hot in here or is that just...
Bujold:  Women attract men.  Men defeat other men and get the woman automatically.  That's why men and women are both looking at men.
Bujold:  Not just the guy's story and flip it.  What is woman's power?
Janet Kagan's Mirabile.
Goddesses Priestesses figures, mother role.
Nanny Ogg - Middle Aged.
Demeter--Balbo lifts skirts and dances to make Demeter laugh.
Writing a Woman's Life.
Christopher Broockmeyer's tale of an Action-Adventure Grandmom: All Fun and Games

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