Saturday, May 12, 2007

Army Ranger Captain Jonathan Grassbaugh, killed by a roadside bomb

Here are different links to articles about a young man from New Hampshire, recently killed in Iraq:
  • teaching at 10. His fourth-grade teacher spontaneously asked Jon to teach the rest of class long-division. He remembered the boy as being both a "math whiz" and a natural teacher.
  • drummer boy at 14. The "28th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry", a Civil War Reenactment group, remembers him fondly. there's a cute photo of 14-year-old Jonathan dressed as a Civil War drummer.
  • rings of jupiter - "His brother remembered a night Jonathan invited the family to the Grainger Observatory at Phillips Exeter Academy, to see a full moon and the rings around Jupiter."
  • bicycle helmet & pizza stories, by Joelle Farrell of the Concord Monitor, reprinted in
  • NHPR story on how he met his wife helping her move into dorm, post office, pledging in military fraternity, wedding video
I've been listening to NPR since the war began. They have profiled many soldiers who have died. This one has upset me the most.