Sunday, January 15, 2006

Cheap Parenting

I think we're mainly adherents of Cheap Parenting. Cheap Parenting is when you get the parenting books out of the library and then skim them before the due date and then go by what you remember or sounded good or doable for you. We also read all the free parenting magazines that come our way. This means one year of BabyTalk that came with each kid, and now we get Nick Jr magazine free from Zoe's preschool.

Cheap Parenting also involves relishing all hand-me-downs as a means of sharing the joy of childhood across time. It means putting the girls into the boys' hand-me-downs. Girls look fine in blue.

Cheap Parents find it easy to say "no" when their children ask for items while shopping. We always say no. The kids expect no. So no tantrums.

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