Thursday, June 09, 2016

Pure Wow's 15-piece capsule wardrobe - no

According to a website called Pure Wow! Here listed are

The Only 15 Items You Need to Build the Perfect Wardrobe

with my comments:
  1. The perfect white tee
    • No, nothing white, I always get it stained.
    • A few neutral colored tee shirts that don't have anything written on them would work.
    • Gray, Charcoal Gray, Tan, Heather Blue
  2. A navy blazer that's not part of a Pantsuit
    • OK, but preferably a loose cotton machine-washable one
    • Linen is nice in the summer too
  3. An A-Line Midi Skirt that highlights your shape
    • Hah! No. No skirts. My shape is the problem
    • Skirts are very sensitive to expansion and contraction of waistline
    • A plain dress of some sort is acceptable.
    • Although I avoid dresses because they create complications with shoes and socks
  4. Dark wash flared jeans that elongate your legs
    • OK, a pair of jeans. Two pairs. Black and blue. 
    • Lightweight blue for summer.
  5.  A white button-down that's not your boyfriends
    • White again. Danger. Only if you need it for a job interview
    • Otherwise, fine, some kind of blouse.
  6. A classic trench coat that makes you feel elegant.
    • Yes.
  7.  Tailored black pants you can dress up or down
    • OK
  8. A silky black camisole you can layer or not.
    • Not. Not with my fat arms. Substitute one of the neutral-colored t-shirt
  9. A good ole denim jacket
    • Maybe. But other cloth jackets are often better-looking
    • Denim jackets can be styled rather weird and look outdated soon
  10. A not-stuffy pencil skirt
    • No skirts.
  11. A striped shirt that makes you look French.
    • Horizontal stripes. Hahaha. I learned that was a no-no in 9th grade. Only for the thin & fit.
  12. White pants you can wear any time of the year.
    • White. On pants. Just never sit down anywhere. Yeah, forget it.
  13. A little black dress you'll wear forever.
    • Sure. My eternal quest.
    • There was once this perfect looking dress in a Victoria's Secret catalog. 
      • Decades ago, perhaps. 
      • I wish I'd bought it. 
      • No. I wish I'd saved the photo.
  14. A Showstopping dress for special occasions
    • Wait for the occasion before buying the dress
  15. A basic sweater to throw over anything
    • I have a nice black cotton sweater from the long-defunct Tweeds Catalog.
    • I miss getting clothes from the Tweeds Catalog
    • I wish J.Crew would revive it, with decent clothes.
    • I have that nice black cotton sweater, and a very nice embroidered? jackard? greyish button-down shirt that I wear over plain t-shirts in the summer. 
    • Something happened to textiles between the 1980's and now. 
      • Clothes purchased in the past 10 years or so will develop holes much sooner than they ought to. 
      • Something is very wrong.

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