Saturday, March 26, 2016

Thos Moser

The annual Thomas Moser, or Thos Moser, catalog arrived today. I've been paging through and admiring its wood furniture. Long ago, and several mailing addresses away, I remember wanting the Dr White's Chest, oh, so much! but it cost more than my first new car. Still, it has only gone up in price. We could have seen it as an investment.

A few years back I finally bought a big dresser from Big Lots. It's covered with dark cherry veneering that has scratched in a few places. It stores my clothes. And I don't have to worry about it being a legacy or anything. No kid's going to fight about it twenty years from now.

The item that caught my breath in this year's catalog is the Portland Chair. I'm not sure it would be comfortable to sit on. I do admire its design. Having just found the web photo to insert the link, I will say that it does look much better in the printed catalog. And on the designer's blog. I wonder what it's like in real life.

I searched through to see what the lowest priced item was--for amusement, and, OK, wondering if there was anything that we could afford. I found a 9 x 15 x 8 inch Crescent Stool, for only $210. "The size of a shoe-box," my husband says. "You could pay $500 and take a woodworking class and make lots of them."

Actually, they do teach woodworking at Thomas Moser, though they probably charge more than we'd be willing to pay these days. And your time is worth something. Just paying the $200 can save you a lot of trouble.

But my house is chaos. Thos Moser furniture is not the type that improves with scratches.

And I know I'll be sending in that $200 for this month's car payment.

I'm pretty sure Thos Moser got my mailing address from the New Yorker. Ironically, I cancelled the subscription last fall because we needed to save money. One of our cars was dying.

Maybe I'll just save the catalog as a design book, to look at now and then.

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