Saturday, January 02, 2016

My highly-subjective review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

No Spoilers Part

It was OK.

Minimal Spoilers Part

The structure was confusing. I couldn't tell where I was in the movie. The beginning was, I suppose, the first so many minutes so I guess the rest was the middle. I couldn't tell where was the climax, and where they were nearing the end until the end happened. 
This problem could be due to the entire movie being just the beginning of a 3-part story. The ending was a very good scene.

Part with Spoilers

Was the climax when they blew up the new, super-Death Star? Blowing up a Death Star didn't seem interesting because they've already, you know, done that.
Was it grandson of Vader murdering Hans Solo on the bridge?
Were both things the climax?
Yes, the ending scene was very good. Best part of the movie. Second best was any scene with Harrison Ford.

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