Friday, December 26, 2014

Bulger's business

I'm listening to audiobook version of Great Classic Westerns - Unabridged Short Stories.

This one takes place in a mining camp called Rattlesnake. A stranger comes into town, saying he needs to stay for a fortnight, for business. When asked about his business, he has a good reply, which you might want to use, yourself, someday.
"You say you've business over at Bigwood. What business?" said Briggs. 
"It's a peculiar business, young fellow," returned the stranger, gravely. "Thar's different men ez has different opinions about it. Some allows it's an easy business, some allows it's a rough business; some says it's a sad business, others says it's gay and festive. Some wonders ez how I've got into it, and others wonder how I'll ever get out of it. It's a payin' business--it's a peaceful sort o' business when left to itself. It's a peculiar business--a business that sort o' b'longs to me, though I ain't got no patent from Washington for it. It's MY OWN business."
From "Bulger's Reputation", by Bret Harte

Bronson Pinchot did a great job on the narration.

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