Sunday, February 10, 2013

Who to follow on Twitter?

A friend of mine posted this question on facebook:
I just joined Twitter. It's bizarre. Anyone have any good suggestions for people to follow?
Do I?! While I'm collecting them, I may as well save them here. My main reason for Twitter is laughter. Thus:

Most Reliably Funny:


  • @GeneHunt
  • @RexHuppke
  • @JerryThomas
  • @adamisacson
  • @BestAt
  • @pourmecoffee
  • @comediansaransh
  • @bobfish1973
  • @duplicitron
  • @TheOnion
  • @BorowitzReport
  • @StephenAtHome (Stephen Colbert)
  • @snarkmonger
  • @JRehling
  • @missingblakes
  • @sixthformpoet
  • @rayadverb
  • @SoVeryBritish



  • @onthemedia
  • @NickKristof

Good for Links:

Mars Guys etc

Oh yes, and me! @pargery.
Sorry I didn't finish adding all the links. It's tedious.
One way to find out who to follow is to see who other people you like are following.
Another way is to click on the profile of a re-tweeted tweet that you liked, and read the other tweets that person tweeted. If those tweets are something you'd like to see more of, then you have found someone else to follow. I have followed people found through a chain of two or three or more retweets. That is, an interesting tweet, followed to a profile of tweets, among which I found another interesting tweet, so clicked on that profile, etc.
And then you can start playing hash tag games...

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