Sunday, December 11, 2011

My next commuter car

What I'd like for the vehicle that replaces my '97 Toyota:
  • Electric, with a range of 200 miles between charging.
  • A really good sound system
  • Built-in vacuum cleaning, like are in some houses, or a car-Roomba, to clean up the toast crumbs.  
  • Good visibility
  • Rear windshield wiper
  • Good in snow and on ice
  • Why not a front-windshield defroster?  Wires can retract, fold away, or be invisible.  Or wireless defrosting beams from around the windshield.
  • I want it to teach me French and Spanish while I drive to & from work
  • Ability to download podcasts to my car
  • Variable-width cup holders. 
  • Easily changed windshield wipers
  • Voice-activated intelligent GPS
  • Voice-activated cellphone interface
  • Polarizing windshield with intelligent sun-blocking (shade intersection of line of sight to sun at windshield) with touch override.  Okay, maybe for the car after.
  • How about at least the ability to toggle a shade-spot on the windshield by touching where you want the extra shady spot (or to clear it, of course)?

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