Monday, October 24, 2011

under the influence

Watched Julie and Julia Saturday afternoon.  Noticed we were low on bread.  Prepared whole wheat bread dough in what must be the first time in a long time, as the whole wheat flour seemed old.   The kids helped knead the dough and form it into rolls.

Since that bread  wouldn't be ready for supper, I also  baked quick beer bread to go under the Welsh Rabbit.  The kids don't like Welsh Rabbit, so I also cooked spaghetti. After supper I remembered the kids needed a snack for Sunday school.  I'd forgotten to buy popcorn on the last grocery-trip, so made fluff-krispie squares with cinnamon and chocolate chips.

Sunday, grocery shopping, the on-sale fish was cod and haddock.  It looked better made into chowder, so bought red potatoes to chowderize it, then baked corn bread on the side.  We all love corn bread.

Now, at work, I'm finishing my lunch:  Welsh Rabbit on broccoli, corn bread, and beer bread, with chowder and whole wheat roll on the side.  Very nice.  The time spent cooking and baking wasn't wasted, although there were a lot of other things I wanted to accomplish this weekend.  What's a good movie for getting other things done?

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  1. There were also a lot of dirty pots honey
    your husband