Monday, April 04, 2011

Bridegroom magazine

Of course it wouldn't be called that.  A better name would be Ready.  And, yes, a lot of men would not subscribe to it.  But a lot of women would buy their men gift-subscriptions.  It could have some low-key articles about wedding planning.  And also articles on:
  • Guide to Formal Attire for guys who've worn jeans all their lives
  • Honeymoon Options - Travel Section
  • Honeymoon Techniques
  • Financial Planning
  • Recommendations for merging finances
  • Should you have a Pre-Nup?
  • Guide to buying Life Insurance
  • Guide to buying Houses
  • Guide to buying Condos
  • Guide to buying Condoms
  • Guide to buying Lingerie (with helpful photos)
  • Engagement Rings - Alternatives to the Diamond
  • The Six Things Every Couple Should Agree On Before Saying 'I do'
  • Reasons to delay having children
  • Ways to keep the romance when you can't delay having children 
  • Preparing to be a stepfather
  • Negotiating between your children and your future wife
  • How Girlfriends Change When They Became Wives 
  • Bachelor Parties - Stories and Advice
  • When to Speak Up, When to Shut Up - Survival Guide to Wedding Planning and Beyond lots of amusing anecdotes sent in by readers.

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