Friday, April 03, 2009

528xi. Try to date this guy.

He played her Sinatra in the Elantra. He maximized his Maxima, bought the ultimate Altima. But even his impressive Impreza failed to impress her.

--You wanna roll in a Corolla? she scoffed.

-Yes, your ass in a Yuris, he insisted.

--Don't cram me in a Camry. I won't sit in a Fit.

-No dice?

--No vice in your Versa. Your Prizm's a prison.

-Wanna Forerunner for foreplay?

--Don't deny me my Denali. Rip my bodice in an Odyssey.

In her Explorer he tore her fedora. He caught his cape in the door of the Escape. But he focussed her in his Focus, ravaged her in a Rav4, humped her in her Hummer, mounted her in her Mountaineer. The priest arrived in his Prius and they were wed. They happily tumbled into their Tundra.

Through the rear-view of her Vue she could see her ex- in her CRX. The tourists in the Taurus waved good-bye.

The slob in the Saab sobbed, Could I date chicks with a Matrix?

The commute's not getting to me. Really. I'm fine.

He looked at us from his Stratus. Our mother drives an Armada.

so not a dog was fed
so not a word was said
so not a deal was made
so not a debt was paid
so not a thing happened
in the Sonata

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