Friday, January 11, 2008

Googling myself -- I've been quoted!

I wasted a lot of time the other night googling myself because Rodrigo said he'd found me quoted on the Internet. He said he googles me now and then.

In December, I was interviewed by a reporter at a talk by Bill Richardson in Manchester. I had hopefully googled myself a few days after, but I didn't find myself quoted anywhere. I gave up and forgot about it. Apparently, I did make it into an article.

What I read seemed a little odd compared to what I remembered saying. I thought I'd been really articulate, having clarified my New Hampshire voter opinion in a blog entry a few days before. The quote didn't seem to be what I mainly said, but it wasn't a misquote. At most, a paraphrase of something I'd said. And, I guess, the point that the reporter was after.

First, I thought it was just on an web-only news service, but then I found that the piece was picked up by various newspapers, including the Miami Herald and the Cape Code Times.

Not that it matters any more. The primary's over. Still, it was fun to be in a state with a first-in-the-nation primary. It made me feel so important for a while, and I noticed others getting energized about voting. It would be good to rotate the privilege around, and give citizens of other small states a similar chance.

Back to googling: For the most part, "Margery Harrison" brings up a lot of genealogical records.

It's much more fun to do an image search on "Margie Harrison". She was definitely not me, and probably a pseudonym, but I'd love to know what happened to her.

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