Thursday, November 15, 2007's AI picks my top artists so far...

Here's a widget generated from the website

I'm not sure how it picks some of these as my top artists. For example, I don't know what Mary Black sounds like, but since it says she sings Irish music, she must have popped up when I asked for "celtic harp" or "Alan Stivell" or "Silly Wizard".

The others were from typing in "lute" or "harpsichord" after typing in "john dowland" or "dowland". I actually did type in "James Blunt" specifically, since his song No Bravery was in my mind. The AI read my mind and played that particular track. Or maybe that was the default track...

It's an interesting site for wanting to hear music that is like something in particular, but still have randomness and surprise. e.g. Jimi Hendrix pops up for harpsichord, since there was a harpsichord on one of his tracks.

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  1. The list changes dynamically. I didn't realize that when I embedded it. There are different names on it than when I embedded and commented on it originally.