Monday, February 13, 2006

tv olympic coverage

RadioCanada is so much better than NBC. RadioCanada shows the event, with a few commercials. When we turn on NBC it is so often some heavy music and a profile or interview or commercial, almost never the actual sports. I'm sure these profile segments are expensive to produce and I so wish they wouldn't bother. I want to see the sports, maybe the winner smiling and the loser frowning at the end. I don't want the in-depth stuff alternating with commercials. And yes I'd like to see all the best competitors, not just the Americans.

February 24: NBC's skating coverage is even more annoying. Why don't they show the Figure Skating Gala early and all at once if they know it's what people want to see? Instead they parcelled it out in dribs and drabs between commercials and downhill events. I couldn't stay tuned for three hours until midnight to watch it. It's being nasty to viewers in an attempt, I suppose, to keep them for their ad revenue. Well they lost my pair of eyeballs. I switched over to a Monty Python special on PBS then went to bed.

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